What is Awakened Radio?  It's family, friends, people connecting in wisdom and love to make real changes in their personal lives and in the world.

The  hosts at Awakened Radio bring you  information that motivate, inspires and encourages you to greatness.

You are so much  more powerful than you've been led to believe and the hosts at Awakened Radio are focused on helping you to remember this.

If you are interested in it, Awakened Radio is talking about it.  Spirituality, politics, self awareness, family, relationships, money, abundance, prosperity, healing, energy work.. these are just a few of the topics discussed by the hosts, guests and listeners at Awakened Radio.

That's not all either.  You can host your own radio show at Awakened Radio and have your show produced, promoted and your archives made available to ITunes.  You just show up and share your message, the work of running the show is covered by our producer.  

You can interact with the hosts and listeners at Awakened Radio through forums and blogs.  You can call in using Skype or your phone.  You can chat in the chat room, making new friends and spending time with already made friends.

Awakened Radio is more than online radio, it's family.  It's a hub of positive energy lifting humanity to greatness. 

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