Being happy IS your natural state.  You've just been taught to let so much else get in the way.  You are stuck in limiting mindsets of struggle, worry, anxiety and stress.
It doesn't have to be this hard, honestly it doesn't.
I've put together a beautiful course based on my book, that guides you through easy to apply steps to uncover all the happiness you have within you. Using videos I am your Happiness Guide as you awaken to Who You Really Are!

We live in very stressful times.  It's seems the world is going crazy on all fronts.  Wars, terrorists, the economy, dis-ease.. the list seems unending.  BUT... there is a way out!  Discover the power of your Happy Groove~ When you understand the power of your mind set.. and determine happiness as a constant mood, things happen.  Wonderful things begin to show up when you KNOW the way of Happiness.  Of course you've read about it, watched LOA videos and read the books.  You've got the head knowledge but still happiness always seems just outside your reach.  That's where this course comes in.

With make it real exercises and insights to lead you from one AHA to another so that happiness becomes your steady companion.  We aren't basing how we feel on what's going on anymore, rather what's going on in our personal lives is the result of what we are feeling and making real!

Are you ready?  Want to get your #HappyGroove going on??? 

How To Be Happy & Live Free Course

$ 97.00 USD

Regular $197.00 NOW only $97.00 for the Special Launch price!

Includes digital copy of the book, 32 videos, life time membership to the course.  Support group on Facebook with Live Stream broadcasts.


Course includes digital copy of the book

32 videos to guide you to the life you desire.

Facebook support group.

It's your turn!  You've done for others now discover how to create exactly what you want to experience in life

I'll be your Happiness Guru for the journey.  One time payment assures you of lifetime membership to this course material. 

The next TEN people who sign up and mention #HappyGroove in the payment will get a free 20 minute phone call with me!  Hurry!

You are ready to change everything.  You have gone through the Secret, Law of Attraction and Meditation courses and watched hundreds of videos.  Now you are ready to move into a New You! As a teacher and Journey Guide I'm often asked, "HOW"?  This course reveals the how in easy to follow and implement steps.  You will begin seeing a difference in  your life from day one. 

The course is based on my book, "How To Be Happy And Live Free" and is complimented with 32 videos walking you through the teachings in a manner that actually works.  The problem most people encounter when they begin desiring to change their lives is they aren't shown how to actually live the new principles.  We've all heard "thoughts become things" but what does that really mean in every day life?

How do I think new thoughts?

How can I match my feelings with what I want to experience?

How can I release limiting beliefs that I've had my whole life?

What does embody a new state of being mean and how can I do it?

How do I live happy and free from stress, worry and anger?

Can I really have great relationships?

Can I enjoy health, wealth and happiness?

These questions, and many more, are not only answered in the course, but activities are provided that walk you through the process of changing in you the limits that keep you from living the life you dream of.  You CAN be happy, health, wealthy and wise!  You already have the power.. discover how to use it to have EVERYTHING you desire!