When you were little you knew life was magical.  Children know these things. They expect good to come to them and it flows easily into their lives. 

Over time most children are talked out of the magical understanding by well meaning, but mistaken parents who think they are serving their children by preparing them for the hardships of life. 

As children we give up on the magic slowly, but eventually most do give in to the pressure of parents and other well meaning adults. Then we start living the hard life that we were prepared for.. and it's gets harder to longer we struggle.

This little ebook will change your life if you understand what I'm saying and take it to heart.

I'm not offering you more information.. there are millions of books for that. 

What I'm offering is inspiration and motivation to change your life starting RIGHT THIS VERY INSTANT!


You have inner wisdom, intuition, knowing.. far greater than what you are aware of.  This parable will help you discover the greatest secret known to man. 

You know about law of attraction, you've read the books, seen the movies, perhaps even worked with a life coach and still you are not getting it.

That's why I was inspired to write this.. it will help you get it.  It points it out so plainly.. makes it so simple that you will laugh with joy and relief while you are reading.

Get this ebook and read it, then read it to your children, your neighbor's children.  Read it to every child you meet. As you help children remember who and what they are you will remember too.

As a mother and grandmother I know the power of parables, I've used them for years with my own four children and grandson.  They love the book, they understand it's message and your children will too.  They will even help you to understand it's powerful, yet simple message.

I double dog dare you to get this book, read it each day and then let me know how amazed you are at how your life is changed. I want you to tell me about all the incredible things that happen to you starting day one after reading the book.

Go ahead... it's time to stop putting it off and take YOUR POWER back.  Change YOUR LIFE!

I am not offering to sale you yet another ebook.  This is an offer of insight, connecting with your inner wisdom.

This is not an offer to sale you more information.  This is the key that will open the door to the kingdom for you.. if you'll read and understand what I've shared with you.

Do the children in your life a favor and read this, then share it with them. You will be amazed at how easily they understand the concepts and principles.  They will put them into action at once and inspire you to the ease of creation.

This book is available through my Amazon author's page. Click here to go to Amazon & purchase.

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After you finish reading it to your children, send me an email about their response, I'll use it on the website to encourage others..

I believe in the power of this book, it's message will open your eyes and your heart to the powerful creator you really are...

 Here's what people are saying about this book and it's message:

The “Parable of Liver and Onions” is a uniquely sweet story with an underlying message that encourages children to equate the power of their thoughts with what actually happens in their lives. Although my children have been raised with an understanding of the principles of the law of attraction, they became very excited to have this story to share with their friends to help them understand how “important thinking positive thoughts are.” (Their words)

The fact that the “Parable of Liver and Onions” is an eBook provided my children with the added benefit of having an opportunity to use their imaginations to create drawings to go with the story!

I would encourage parents who are interested in teaching the principles of the law of attraction and positive thinking to their children to use this eBook as a teaching aid to explain the most fundamental principle of the law of attraction…the power of our thoughts.

Denny Hagel

Co-owner Innovative Parenting LLC

Co-Author The Law of Attraction: The Next Generation

Rita B. Alabama

Donna's new ebook, Liver and Onions woke up the child in me.  I'm 70 years old and had just about forgotten how to believe in new possibilities till I read this book. Now I feel like anything's possible again. Thank you Donna.

Shirl G. Colorado

I got Liver and Onions for my children, but in reading it to them I found a new way of looking at my own life. What a powerful message, Donna. The message is simple and straight to the point, just like all Donna's messages.  Thank you, I see how my thoughts and feelings are creating in my life.. and the kids got that too.